5 Must Know Facts When Moving with Kids

Families may need to move from one place to another, either far or just to a nearby neighborhood. Whichever the distance, residential changes are always traumatic for kids of all ages, especially if the move comes as a result of divorce or death of a parent or parents. Since it may not be possible to avoid the hustles of moving with kids, there are some facts that can help you reduce the stress and make this moving process easier for you and the kids. Below are 5 must facts to have in mind when moving with kids.

  • Get your kids down in an open and honest discussion. If moving is as a result of divorce or troublesome neighbor, stead of blaming the spouse or the neighbor, let the kids understand the importance of moving and try as much as possible to help them understand that its only moving to another location is what will keep them safe and happy.
  • Be ready to answer all questions that the kids will ask you concerning the move because the kids may have fear about where they are going to. For instance, the kids will always want to know whether the school in another place is good for them, the language spoken in the destination location and if they will get things that they love most in the new destination.
  • If possible, hold a goodbye party to let their friends and neighbors know that you are moving with the kids. Assure your kids that the move will not hinder them from getting in touch with their friends by reminding them that internet or phone calls will make the relationship last forever.
  • Try to involve the kids in making major decisions such as selecting a new home to stay. bennystralier12Let the kids accompany you to pre-visit the new home and once the a decision has been made about the destination home, hold a small welcome party to make the kids familiar with at least few people in the new area.
  • Before you start throwing out unnecessary things, ensure that you involve the kids and let them salvage the things that they feel are still precious to move with.

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